”A l’Ombre du Tilleul” (“The Shadow of the Lime”), we want to offer you both a surprising and familiar place, where it is good to come and be let live.

”L’Ombre du Tilleul” is a simple history; the passion of a family for the ground of her area, for its trees, its beautiful stone-built houses, and the certainty which one can carry out his dreams.

”L’Ombre du Tilleul”, it is a protected place where true kindness, simple and sincere hospitality and the joy in life seem to breathe by the sheets of the tree.

The harmony and the esthetic of the place are an impassioned research. We are in permanent search of the beautiful object, the simple emotion, the detail which cherishes the sight, for better offering it to you. If you make us the privilege come to visit us, you will discover the surprises and blows of heart that we reserve to you in the course of the years.

”A l’Ombre du Tilleul” our greater pleasure is to please to you…

Ombre du Tilleul is ranked 3 ears (3 stars B&B)